Learn to Hula Hoop!

There will be an opportunity to learn how to Hula Hoop at our festival, this is ideal for both little & big kids alike! 

Learn from a couple of professional Hula Hoop dancers.......

Simply head out of the marquees onto the open grassed area and join in the fun from 3pm!

Also keep an eye out throughout the early evening as these girls have a bit more to entertain you with..... 

Guaranteed to be a lasting memory of your time at the Water's Edge Festival!

Hula Hoop Lessons and Show!

Keep an eye on the signage and the announcements on the day and head out into the glorious open spaces as 2 professional Hula Hoop Champions take you through your paces and get your hips snaking!

FREE to attend, so get involved at 3pm!  

hula hoop 1 .jpg
hula hoop 2 .jpg
hula hoop 2 .jpg
fire 3 .jpg